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Over the 11 years in the audiovisual market, RCD has carried out more than 500 audiovisual projects. The production company is known for its professionalism, commitment and for creating new ways of telling stories. for the most diverse areas of audiovisual - Cinema, TV, Advertising, Videoclips and Branded Content. In addition to having extensive experience with incentivized money projects and a perfect history of deliveries, rendering of accounts and results.

In cinema, we were responsible for the feature films “Rio Mumbai” (2017), “Beth Carvalho: Coração em Festa” (2015), “Os Anti-Pros” (2011), “Konder – Protagonist of Simplicity” (2020), and also produced the award- winning short films “Balcão de Negócios” (2017), “O Bolo” (2009) and “Mulher Ideal” (2009).

We've made dozens of TV show productions, in particular the renowned “Por Trás da Canção” (Multishow/Bis), with public and critical success in its three seasons, “Gambiarras Perigosas” (Discovery Channel), the exciting reality show by Paola Antonini - “A Vida É Bela” (Firework) -, “Multishow Verão” (Multishow), presented by Lexa, the fiction series “ Z Histórias” (TV Brasil), “Music Retrospective (Multishow) and among other programs for mainstream channels such as Globo, GNT, MTV, Canal Off, Bis, Canal Brasil and Futura.

In the advertising field, we have produced hundreds of audiovisual productions for the largest companies in Brazil such as Oi, L'Oreal, Sony, Vale, Coca-Cola, Petrobras, Nestlé, Vivo, Shell and many others.

With an extremely qualified team, which includes producers, directors and screenwriters, RCD has an excellent and complete structure of equipment and a post-production with 6 editing, finishing, motion graphics, 3D and color grading islands.



GABRIEL MELLIN  is a member of the Academia Brasileira de Cinema and has been working in the audiovisual market for over 20 years and, over these years, has directed and produced more than 500 projects for the most diverse areas: Cinema, TV, Advertising and Video Clips.

In Cinema, there are award-winning projects in which he acted as director and producer, such as the fiction feature film “Rio Mumbai” and the documentary features “Beth Carvalho; Coração em Festa” (Canal Brasil), “Os Anti-Prós” (TV Brasil) and “Konder – Protagonist of Simplicity”.  In addition to having worked on several short films - in particular the award-winning “Mulher Ideal” (2009), “Balcão de Negócios” (2017) and “O Bolo” (2009), in which, in the latter two, he also directs of photography.

On TV, projects with his direction, production and script stand out, such as “Por Trás da Canção” (Multishow/Bis), with public and critical success in its 3 seasons, “Gambiarras Perigosas”, “Verão Multishow” (Multishow) , “MTV na Praia” (MTV), “A Vida É Bela” (Firework), “Batom e Parafina” (Multishow), as well as several other projects for channels such as Globo, GNT, Canal Off, Bis, Gloob, Canal Brasil and Future .

Over all these years, he has directed important actors and artists such as Fernanda Montenegro, Tony Ramos, Anitta, Roberto Carlos, Grazi Massafera, Tais Araújo, Paola Oliveira, Cissa Guimarães, Paulo Gustavo, Dira Paes, Beth Carvalho, Luan Santana, Mônica Martelli, Fernanda Rodrigues, Pitty, Fernanda Paes Leme, among many others.

He still has extensive experience in directing with numerous advertisements for the largest companies in Brazil such as Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Sony, Vale, Oi, Petrobras, Nestlé, Vivo, Shell and dozens of others, working directly with the largest advertising agencies. country advertising .

In addition to its portfolio, there are also dozens of award-winning music projects and music videos such as “Trem”, by the band Suricato (Sony Music), “Make The Future” by Luan Santana and many others.





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